VALLEY OF TEARS: An Intimate Look at the 1973 War

By The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center: Fall 2020 (other events)

Thursday, December 10 2020 11:30 AM 12:45 PM EDT

On Yom Kippur, 1973, Israelis’ illusions of near-invincibility shattered as Egyptian and Syrian troops crossed their borders in a lightning strike that left General Moshe Dayan declaring that The Third Temple - Israel itself - was in danger of destruction.

Although his despondent prognosis was wrong, over the intervening 50 years, the trauma of that war remains inextricably woven into the Israeli psyche. Now, Valley of Tears, a 10-episode Israeli miniseries currently running on HBO Max, is reopening those old wounds, providing a kind of national therapy - and breaking all Israeli viewing records.

Join the series’ co-creators and stars for clips from the full season and a discussion of the arduous task of revisiting such painful memories, the series’ impact and what they hope it will accomplish.


Ron Leshem, co-creator / writer / executive producer

Amit Cohen, co-creator / writer / executive producer

Ofer Hayoun, Marko Dozley

Omer Perelman Striks, Nimrod Caspi

Moderated by SiriusXM’s Jessica Shaw.

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